Colourful Journey at Covestro

Experience the Colourful Journey in Covestro.

As a family member at Covestro, you’re entitled to wide range of employee benefits – which we constantly take efforts to improve in every way. In brief the various benefits offer:



Designed to meet the comprehensive needs of the entire workforce, Covestro’s compensation packages include elements like base salary, retirals and other benefits. Also our experts compare our set standards with the external benchmarks and internal measures to ensure that every employee is fairly compensated.



We reward all our employees with the success that they help us create. You invest your expertise and interest and we’ll drive you to new levels every time you help us achieve a goal. It is the combination of you and Covestro that together is destined for success.



Work from home: To enhance employee work life balance, on days when the task at hand does not require the employee to be necessarily at office and the job can be performed at home without affecting productivity.


Bring your own smartphone: Working on Blackberry sounds boring? Love your phone? You can bring your own device and sign up for official email access with allowance from Covestro.




We conduct regular medical checkups as well as put in force various on-the-job and innovative workplace concepts which all help create an atmosphere of well-being. Family days are common, where we celebrate colors of festivals with the employees and their families to make them feel proud of their association with Covestro.



We believe that a diverse workforce coalesced with an inspiring environment is the key to turn groundbreaking ideas into cutting edge solutions. At Covestro we believe in the culture of openness and honest feedback. As an employee you will be able to notice a growth in your position which we’ll garner through coaching and sincere personal coaching.