Vikhroli Office at Mumbai serves as the leading research and testing facility for a broad spectrum of coating, sealant and adhesive formulations which are eventually spanned in all major segments: Automotive, Auto Refinish, Wood, Construction and Adhesives. It is well-equipped with a spray booth and other application equipment to allow the customers explore the productivity, efficiency and sustainability with an innovative approach.

Products Manufactured and their Applications

Covestro has been for years dedicated to provide its customers of all major industries with materials that tend to stand the test of time while simultaneously striving to market its CAS products by developing an independent network as an authorized distributor.


From blends of aliphatic and aromatic polyisocyanates to polyether, polyester-based co-reactants and polyurethane dispersions, Covestro provides raw materials that are required to enhance the durability of a variety of products, maintain their sheen and appearance and provide resistance against weathering and aggressive substances as such. As the global leader in polyurethane research and development, our chemistries are widely used in everything from construction and transportation to packaging and furnishings. Moreover, polyurethane coatings are also available as environment friendly waterborne systems and solvent borne polyurethane raw materials such as Primer Surfacer, Basecoat, Topcoat & Clear coat and Under body Protection.

Of recent, the automotive industry has shown an immense interest and raised demands for our coating technologies which not only provide a timesaving coating process but also make efforts to reduce VOC emissions, energy consumption and CO2 emissions, promising a sustainable future and unbelievable savings in terms of costs.


Water-based dispersions from Covestro have extensively exceeded the traditional solvent-based systems regarding environmental safety and benefits that can be achieved in numerous applications. By combining comprehensive technical support with high levels of competence concerning toxicology and environmental issues, Covestro is one of the preferred suppliers of the adhesive industry. We have consistently taken steps to improve the adhesive processing and its performance properties while maintaining a sustainable profile. Dispercoll® dispersions are used for the formulation of adhesives designed for automotive, construction, furniture, footwear and packaging applications.