Brighter World Labs

Schools are the temples of learning and growing. But, still, an average school in India have limited support with respect to infrastructure. At these schools having a well-maintained science lab becomes a far-fetched thought.

We, at Covestro, are keen to transform this thought in to reality. “Making World a Brighter Place” has always been our vision that aspires to provide innovative solutions that enhance people’s lives.

Keeping this vision to our heart, In 2017, Covestro (India) had opened 10 mini science labs at locations closer to our plant and office facilities to boost the education sector in India. The response from the community aspired the company to open more labs and hence, in 2018, we came up with 20 Brighter World Labs across the country. This initiative is in collaboration with the Arch Foundation. To support the initiative, in December, we inaugurated a state-of-the-art science lab in Ankleshwar, where we had set up our first mini science centre in 2017.

Science education is still one of the biggest challenges in the Indian education sector. Covestro strongly focuses on bettering the education; especially subjects like Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. In 2018, STEM4Girls Festival touched lives of more than 3,000 girl students across six cities of India, which proved to be a great achievement till date, with respect to education.

Covestro strives to overcome the challenge by setting up Brighter World Labs (science labs) that are well-equipped and have a suitable infrastructure. Covestro India aims to provide access to quality education and learning for students from the underprivileged section of the society. Moreover, this initiative caters to the teachers as well, as they will be trained to make subjects - science and maths interesting for the kids by conducting Orientation Programs, Jugaad Workshops that includes developing science models by using waste or low-cost material, and Interactive Maths Sessions using Vedic and UCMAS methodology. Even customized learning modules such as fairs, science quizzes, chemical and physics DIY activities, and debate competitions will make education impactful.  

The Brighter World Lab is a perfect platform that aims to benefit more than 16,000 children and 100 teachers.

For more information on Project Brighter World Labs and ARCH Foundation, take a look at the Annual Report