14th & 15th December, 2018

For two days, STEM4GirlsFestival2018 was in Nagpur, the geographical centre of India. The delight and the smile on the 357 faces after they succeeded in the experiment, reminds us why we planned this festival.

On day one, Dr. Jyotsna Meshram, Professor - Department of Chemistry, Rashtasant Tokadoji Maharaj, Nagpur University introduced students to the basics of Green Chemistry and encouraged the girls to accept challenges as stepping stones to the future.

At the concluding session, we were fortunate to have Mrs. Kanchan Gadkari, social worker address the students. She reminded us of the great women in the history of India. Mrs. Gadkari said that India owes a lot to its women irrespective of the fields they come from - warriors, academics, politics. Her message to the girls was - ‘We’ girls can do a lot and this is going to change the world.

We had set out to reach 3000 girls across India. And here in Nagpur, we met that number by inspiring 3,115 girls.

Here’s hoping our endeavor will give rise to future scientists.

The schools that attended the two days in Nagpur were: New Apostolic English High School, J.N. Tata Parsi Girls School, Smt. Dadibai Deshmukh Hindu Mulinchi Shala, St. Ursula Girls High School, Saraswati Tiwari Hindi Girls High School, Shri. Rajendra High School, Yashoda High School, Siddheshwar Vidyalaya, MSB Education School, Bhide Girls School, Nagar Parishad School Kalmeshwar, Surendra Garh NMC School, Jeevan Vikas Vanita, Lokanchi Shala, Jindal Vidya Mandir Kalmeshwar JSW and Pt. Bachharaj Vyas Vidyalaya.