Students of APSIT unveil the Solar Powered EV

Covestro supports this initiative to encourage young minds of APSIT’s Modified Auto Club to participate in 6th Season of Electric Solar Vehicle Championship 2019 hosted by Chandigarh University.

A team of 35 students from APSIT will participate in the upcoming 6th Season of Electric Solar Vehicle Championship 2019 organized by ISIE-INDIA hosted by Chandigarh University. Team Modified Auto Club unveiled the electic vehicle at an event conducted at A.P Shah Institute of Technology, Mumbai.

Lauding the initiative, Mr. Ajay Durrani, Managing Director, Covestro (India) said, “At Covestro, we firmly believe in inculcating a sense of curiosity among all our members as it is this nature which gives birth to innovative ideas. Through such initiatives we would like to encourage young minds of India to make India an innovation hub and exemplary example for the entire world. We are extremely proud to support the dream of these young engineers and we wish them success for the upcoming race. The future of automotive industry is mobility and we at Covestro see increasing role of composites in ensuring light weighting of e-vehicles. We are confident we will keep striving towards designing such innovative sustainable solutions that will make this world a brighter place.”

The outer body of the car is made from raw material polycarbonate from Covestro which provides the stability and stength and weighs less than half weight if the car was made of aluminium. This ensures that the car is lightweight and enhances the performance of the car in terms of pick up speed and mileage. The car also has  PIR (polyisocyanurate – a high performance foam) which is innovated by Covestro and has an excellent fire resistant property. The insulating material provides optimum safety to the driver, protecting him from the heat generated by the battery and its components. The materials also helps in spread of fire in case of any mishap.

The solar vehicle is powered with 113 solar cells generating 394W and capable of producing 63V at 6.75A to run at 45 kms per hour with a pick up from 0 to 45 kms per hour in 9.52 secs. It weighs 140 kgs and is 2.53M in length. The car can run directly on solar panels, disconnecting the battery at 10kmph.

Speaking about the contest, a confident Vishal, Team Lead, said, “ We would really like to thank Covestro for all the support they have provided towards making an efficient vehicle. We are confident about our performance and look forward to the upcoming challenge.”   

The Team will leave for the championship which is scheduled from 27th March 2019 to 31st March 2019. More than 75 teams from various Universities, NITs, Engineering, and Polytechnic Colleges pan India will be participating in this five-day event.

About Covestro:

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Chintan Joshi