Product Safety & Regulatory Affairs


The Product Safety & Regulatory Affairs (PSRA) Department concentrates on providing a regulatory support on each of Covestro’s products ensuring that the end product is safe to use and handle, with the highest regard for people and the environment. PSRA constantly develops improved and innovative programs that promote safe use, handling, manufacture, import and export of Covestro products while making sure that all such undertakings are performed with compliance to respective laws and regulations, applicable.

PSRA supports both Covestro and Covestro customers through the following activities:

  • Evaluation of raw materials for regulatory compliance
  • Evaluation of Covestro products for regulatory compliance
  • Regulatory product qualification and registration
  • Regulatory assessment of Covestro products for sensitive applications (e.g., food contact, medical)
  • Provide toxicology support and risk characterizations / assessments / exposure modeling
  • Generation and distribution of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and product labeling information
  • Managing IT systems for product safety issues (GSLO)
  • Supporting selective topics (e.g., Life-Cycle Assessments, Industrial Hygiene customer visits)
  • Chemicals legislation monitoring and advocacy
  • Engaging in Product Surveillance
  • Responding to customer inquiries on safety and environmental issues, providing compliance statements
  • Coordination of Product Stewardship activities (core process 16 and Product Safety First website)