Automotive Industry

The automobile industry in India is one of the largest in the world.
The Automotive Industry is a highly competitive industry with several manufacturers vying for market share. Hence, it is very important that they regularly produce different variants at competitive prices. Polymers account for almost 15% of the materials in a mid-size car and play an important role in the weight and price of the vehicle.
It did not take long for polyurethane to be widely accepted as an alternative for the traditional materials in the automotive industry. With ceaseless applications, it came to be used in seating offering more comfort and durability, in engines for an improved sound and thermal insulation as well as in the entire structure to provide the designers with a never before freedom due to its capability of being easily cast into any shape and form.
Covestro has efficiently monitored the customer needs and the growing market. Though functionality and performance are in their own aspect of an utmost importance, the modern day consumer precisely requires a well-crafted product that is both efficient and sustainable. Whether the transportation is taking place on the land, sea or air, our quality polymers have long been established as the material of choice.
As a leading manufacturer of aliphatic and aromatic Polyisocyanates, Covestro offers an extensive range of raw materials for automotive coatings. Such Polyurethane-based coatings set a standard in all kinds of automotive coatings in terms of quality, efficiency and value conservation. With their appearance remaining unchanged over a lengthy period of time, it maintains its gloss and color. Moreover such coatings are prone to weathering and aggressive substances while being available in variants of environmentally friendly waterborne systems.

Polyurethane and other polymers developed by Covestro help make the entire framework lighter, the interiors more comfortable and the lights more energy-efficient, forming a perfect marriage of style and functionality.