Covestro markets a broad spectrum of construction materials including Polyurethane which has multiple applications in industrial construction.

The construction industry is entirely contingent on the various components that are affiliated to it. Climate change, urbanization, even global developments have a remarkable effect on the construction framework. Durability is unquestionably the most significant factor. But today it is important to also ensure that the building is energy-efficient in its design. This is achieved through the use of our premium polymers.

The polymer assists in making the final structure resistant to abrasion, weather, chemicals and heavy impacts. It also has the lowest thermal conductivity making it the top choice for insulation material. As the internal heat is retained, the energy costs over a brief period of time reduce significantly. This feature is extremely beneficial in a tropical country like India where the temperatures soar during summers.

However, we realize that modern architecture is not just about functionality or being environment-friendly. Visual appeal is essential. The polycarbonates from Covestro ensure just that, by being transparent, flexible and capable of being molded into any unusual shape and design. They serve as an excellent skylight, roof or a façade. The final structure is in form and spirit, one that is constructed with the products of today, but meeting and serving the demands of tomorrow.

The Construction Industry of India is a key development indicator, since it creates various investment opportunities across associated sectors. India, in the last decade or so has witnessed considerable economic progress. There has been a lot of focus on developing physical infrastructure. Key focus areas include:

  • Development for residential, retail, commercial and hospitality sectors
  • Solutions for effective management of urban water supply, urban sewerage and sewage treatment
  • Sustainable and environment-friendly building solutions
  • Training and skill development of workers in the construction sector
  • Technologies for the promotion of low cost and affordable housing
  • Technologies and solutions for smart sustainable cities and integrated townships

Covestro, being an innovative and leading raw material supplier in the construction segment, has initiated partnerships with several value chain players focusing on solutions for wall coatings (interior and exterior), waterproofing coating and various functional flooring.