Furniture and Wood

India is well known for its durable furniture with beautiful traditional woodwork.

The Indian furniture industry is one of the thriving markets. Today, the industry produces western furniture styles as well, keeping in tune with changing times. In order for furniture to last long and withstand high loads, it should use high quality adhesives.

Covestro has long analyzed and understood the needs of its entire consumer base, engineering products that are not only suited to satiate their present needs and requirements but also the ones that are bound to arise in the distant future. With durability and resistance being implicit essentials, Covestro has noticeably gone a step ahead making considerable efforts to tailor solutions that also contribute to its physical aesthetics and other mechanical properties.

As versatile as it is, polyurethane coatings quickly became a preferred industry standard for the wood and furnishing businesses. Having put years of expertise and experience to vary the molecular structure of its raw materials, Covestro now produces a broad spectrum of polyisocyanates such as Desmodur® and Bayhydur® in combination with polyols such as Desmophen® and Bayhydrol® for different structure and forms, formulating such in combinations which meet the desired and specific coating needs. Polyurethane coatings can withstand prolonged exposures to a variety of elements and physical impact thus providing cost-effectiveness. They are also easy to incorporate as they dry fast under low temperatures and are applicable for both flexible and hard films.

Key Features of Desmodur® Products

Desmodur® L & IL series: Aromatic Isocyanates

  • Have higher reactivities
  • Preferred for a system where fast drying is critical
  • More cost competitive
  • Used for interior applications

Desmodur N series: Aliphatic Isocyanates

  • Offer superior light & color stability (UV resistance)
  • Ideal for systems requiring good non-yellowing properties
  • Used for exterior applications