As noted by some of the leading industrialists of India, the country has seen a drastic growth in all its sectors since the introduction of the liberal policies back in 1991. The entire administration has tirelessly restructured itself to become significantly more self-sufficient than before. Realizing the need and dependency of foreign capital, measures have been taken to amend the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) rules to proficiently invite the Non-Resident Indians (NRI’s) to invest in India.

With the sky as the limit, Covestro has tapped the growing market and is making the most of it. We focus on developing a sustainable prototype that effectively drives the entire industry to operate in an ecological and energy-efficient manner. Being a global leader in polyurethane, it has sufficiently penetrated through various sectors with its applications being endless. Today polyurethane is used widely in construction, automotive industry, lighting, insulation, home appliance and so on, offering an attractive design, a lightweight model, durability, energy-efficiency besides other numerous benefits.

Materials from Covestro add lasting value to products and applications in all major industries. Covestro materials and the products made from them enrich our daily lives and make the world a brighter place. Whether as insulation for houses or the refrigerators inside them, in mattresses, automobile headlights and stadium roofs, as protective coatings or extremely thin films: Covestro’s products promote efficiency, safety and comfort in numerous areas of applications.