A classic example of Covestro supporting academia and community for the cause of sustainable development.

IIT Shunya

Project “Shunya” executed by a group of students from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) is one of the classic examples of Covestro supporting academia and community for the cause of sustainable development.

In 2018, Vijay Sharma and his team from IIT Mumbai had participated in Solar Decathlon 2018 – the “Olympics” of sustainable building and living. This contest invites teams from all over the globe to submit unusual ideas for the design and construction of houses that are sustainable in every respect and draw their energy from solar power alone. The solutions presented by the participants as entries are also assessed for their viability in addressing challenges of increasing urbanization and population growth.

The “Shunya” team had been entrusted with the task of putting together a sustainable, energy efficient building in Dezhou in north-eastern China in a record time of 12 days. While Vijay and his team doggedly worked towards achieving their goals, team Covestro supported them with sponsorship, technical know-how and materials. The result was a 150-square-meter solar building that produces more energy than it uses and enables a family of six to live sustainably and comfortably. Covestro products used in the “Shunya” house include insulating panels in the walls, floor and roof, and the steel frame coatings.

The team accomplished the task in 12 days against several odds. Team Covestro believes that they pushed boundaries to the best of their abilities and that really is the right attitude for sustainable development.

There is an increased demand for sustainable urban development from various quadrants, especially in fast developing countries like India and China. The government of India, for example, has launched various initiatives to encourage investments in residential, infrastructure and energy projects. Its umbrella program “100 Smart Cities” aims to make cities more people-oriented and sustainable. 

We, at Covestro, are always eager to collaborate with those who are aligned with us in vision and approach.