Our vision: Innovation and Sustainability

Products and Initiatives Overview

At Covestro, we provide permanent sustainable solutions across various industries with an aim of enhancing the lives of the present as well as the future generation. Understanding our customer needs with the revolutionary technologies, we create state-of-the-art and environment-friendly solutions. All our solutions are in line with the strategies that are the heart of SDGs.

We are pushing boundaries by directly targeting the SDGs with our research and development projects that helps us in laying our business ethics, social engagement and Inclusive Business activities. Our goal for the future (by 2025) is to have 80% of our research and development projects will contribute to achieving SDGs.

Whether it is research, product development, operations, production or procedures, Covestro has taken all necessary measures and have adhered strictly to the guidelines; thus, ensuring safety for our employees, which is ultimately passed on to our valued customers.

Our product stewardship program has specially been designed to help customers fulfill their needs and to curtail the ill impacts on environment and the health of the employees. We inspect and review our plants, processes and technologies on regular basis for a smooth process of developing “sustainable” solutions.

SDGs are a part of our non-financial goals and driver for innovation. Along with our other sustainability goals, one of the goal is to make a difference by reaching out to Ten million people in underserved markets by 2025 and give them a benefit from our business solutions. Hence our CSR initiatives like STEM workshop for girls, Brighter World Labs and also other activities in and around our sites align and contribute towards our goals and SDGs.

Thinking and acting in a sustainable, responsible way is central to our vision to make the world a brighter place. It’s a commitment evidenced by the products we make, the way we make them and how way we interact with our local communities and society.