Renewable Energy


Since initiation, Covestro has spent a considerable part of its time and research to come up with solutions that help reduce the consumption of conventional energy. Switching over to renewable energy forms such as solar and wind energy, which are not only affordable but also clean in every aspect, causing no damage to the environment whatsoever, has been widely recommended.

An example of such initiatives is the Eco- Commercial building developed by Covestro in various countries including one at Noida, India. Calling it the ‘Building of the future’, the structure consumes 70% less energy than any other commercial building while functioning completely on solar energy, generated on-site. Unlikely as it may seem, Covestro was primarily able to achieve all this through polyurethane insulation, energy-efficient windows and innovative lighting material which can easily be implemented in any and all existing structures.

To conclude, Covestro was able to tremendously reduce its energy consumption, operate completely on renewable energy of which a significant portion remained excess and reduce its carbon imprint and emissions through a holistic approach which can easily be employed by all other industries such as construction, automotive, lighting and more, to create a sustainable future for the younger minds.