Covestro believes that nothing we do is worth getting hurt for!

With that in mind, safety has always been accorded the highest priority at Covestro. Safety regulations have been laid out for every stage of its operations – whether it is during production, research and development, transportation. It is non-negotiable for every employee of Covestro to comply with the strict safety regulations for products, processes and plants at all its locations globally. 

While Covestro takes pride in being able to march steadily towards the ‘towards zero incidents’ mission, should unforeseeable accidents take place, the company has a prompt remediation and redressal mechanism that can offer relief to the affected. Soon after, the safety lacuna is identified, and adequate measures are taken to plug the gap. No stone is left unturned to ensure that every single detail is under control.

Safety at Covestro is not just limited to its rules but is a holistic approach that involves stakeholders even outside Covestro. The well-being of all those who come into contact with Covestro’s production process and products is an issue that we deal with dedication. Transporters, for example, are obliged to adhere to the specifications, standards and regulations as stated by Covestro.

Being a Responsible Care® certified company too, Covestro has pro-actively adopted safety standards that are higher than those required by regulatory authorities.

Here is a list of our safety policy in different areas of our operations.

Product safety
Plants & processes
Transport safety